Cortado! What is This Wonder?

Recently I went on an adventure to try some real coffee; real, because my apparent Starbucks cup of coffee didn’t come off a coffee tree either but I decided to rise to the challenge and taste some real, non-Starbucks coffee. Of course this meant I had to actually do some leg work. Indie coffee houses aren’t on my usual route and involved navigating side streets to find (I’m pretty directionally challenged).

 Now I need to put in a few notes. Note one. I’m coffee sensitive, not caffeine, coffee. If I’m a little backed up I take a swig of my favourite roast and pretty rung out. Note number two. I usually have specific tastes in my coffee. I love it dark but not so dark that all I taste is ash and sadness in my mouth. Note Three. I really only drink coffee because I found someone who made coffee that didn’t clean my colon so I’m not easily swayed to experiment once I find something that works.

Still I am trying a new coffee based beverage to expand my knowledge and so I can say that Starbucks is the only place I can get my coffee done good (if I don’t make it myself). Now in my search I wondered upon a little coffee shop called Merchants of Green Coffee. It’s tiny and small and it’s pretty cozy. It smells like coffee, there’s coffee paraphernalia everywhere (they actually roast green beans on site) and all their lattes are made with double shots. (Double shots guys!)

What does this have to do with Cortados? Well I had one obviously but mostly because I seriously have no idea why this small tiny cup of heavenly roasted goodness tasted like a sweet piece of heaven. So because I am who I am and spend too much time at Starbucks (my natural habitat as a writer obviously) I decided I needed to find out how to order it so I can have heaven at every street corner.

So where do you go to find out anything? Google. And here’s what Google said:

  • A Cortado is a drink make with a ratio of 1:1 milk and espresso.
  • It’s made with warm milk that’s been heated but not boiled or steamed for a creamier taste (though in a lot of North American Cafes it’s considered a tiny Cappuccino).
  • It’s tiny! It’s so tiny and adorable 8oz of cuteness with enough caffeine to get you to work before you realise you forgot your car… oops.

So I figured out how to order it if any Starbucks goers wanna get it. A flat White is great base for this drink but I would personally not recommend anything bigger than a tall and get it with no foam. It’s the closest approximation and by my current tastes the most delicious.



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