A Roast for the New Year!

I am not a wine drinker, granted my roommate and a lot of my friends are wine drinkers but I never got the appeal. It’s just fermented grape juice right? (Please don’t kill me wine drinkers, I’m fragile and bruise easily.) Plus there’s white and red and all the vineyards and so many choices (but why?).


However there are ways to learn to drink wine that makes it taste better than fermented grape juice. You can taste the body, the acidity, the tartness in the each cup and while drinking with my friends –ruminating over life and why adulating is so hard- I found out that wine can be enjoyable. The same with coffee.


So recently I’ve been introduced to the wonders and joy of coffee roasts and their wonderful distinctions. I have yet to go out exploring the different major commercial brands but I do know enough about coffee roasts that I can safely say I love my coffee on the darker side.



On the other hand, if you’d like to try something different I’ll give you a run through of different coffee roasts to choose from:


  • Dark roasts coffee is the coffee you’re looking for if you’re looking for signature coffee taste. Once beans get roasted this far they lose a fair amount of coffee taste and become roasty. It sits lighter on your tongue and after getting this far the beans are extremely dark and shiny.


  • Medium roasts are pretty much my favourite though I like them on the darker side. They have heavier bodies than light roast and tend to be less acid but still have more of a punch than the dark roasts. An added bonus is that they actually have distinct flavours.


  • Light roasted coffee come from how long a bean is roasted and is pretty acidic. Though it doesn’t have the signature coffee flavour it does have a pronounced flavour of the roasted beans. It’s also the kind of coffee you want to drink with your morning cup since it still has a ton of caffeine in it.


That’s basically a short run down of my coffee knowledge and understanding. I will be looking more into it soon (mostly because I found a link stating something completely different to the caffeine is greater in lighter roast thing) and welcome anyone who knows a thing or two about coffee beans and coffee roast styles to let me know with a comment or shout out your favourite roast to start the day.










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