It’s Time for Coffee! Or Maybe Some Tea…

It’s Time for Coffee! Or Maybe some Tea…

I know all I talk about is coffee and really it’s a recent love of mine so you know I wanna talk about it but my first love was really tea (and being the very shy, introverted child I was I never talked about it then.) I loved tea, but only after I realised that Orange Pekoe was not the only leaf on the tree. Teas are generally sweet and soothing and there’s nothing like a good Rooibos to send you into some relaxing time.

Generally, a lot of people drink black teas and green teas and with how popular desserts made from these teas are (Green tea ice cream, literally anything on this list and even your favourite liquor.) However someone recently brought me a question about the strength of caffeine in tea and whether it’s better to have that cup of coffee or a swig of tea.

Now coffee, mostly lattes and iced coffee beverages, are my got to desert like drink and I don’t need more coffee as much as I need sleep so it’s an interesting question for sure and what do we do with interesting questions? Research! Below I found something pretty neat about tea and coffee.

  • So from what I gathered, tea and coffee have similar caffeine levels regardless of what blend/roast/anything you choose to brew.
  • Measured by weight tea usually has more but due to length of brew time and just the amount of tea used the final cups, size for size have less caffeine.
  • Interesting enough, the caffeine in tea actually soothes the body and takes longer to absorb making it a slower build-up of energy without a crash.


So to answer any lingering questions, yes tea is awesome and could be your life blood instead of coffee and will give you that great pick me up you need to get the day going without making you smell colours afterwards. (*Psst* Wait that’s not how coffee works?)



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