Tea and Coffee World

Not that any of you would know this but I live in Toronto and just this weekend we had our annual tea festival. This was the first year I heard of it and also the first time I went, figuring that if I was planning to study coffee I might as well study its closest non-alcoholic rival.


So when I went to this tea festival I didn’t see much but I tasted a lot of stuff, like did you know there’s this company called Steeped tea that makes veggie based tea. It tastes like pizza, not lying, if you can I recommend the experience. There were also tea ceremonies from Japan, China and Korea all demonstrated on the live stage and so many Tea samples, I actually managed to over caffeine on tea it was glorious.


There was a booth there actually, that reminded of how little I knew about the world of food and tea in general. A booth by Senca handing out information on Tea sommeliers, and how to tell qualities and teas by growing regions. It was fascinating. They even have workshops coming up for people who think they can cut it in the world of teas.


Of course I am new to all of this so I thought I’d start with how different tea is to coffee. A few things that come forward:


  1. Tea comes from tea leaves. Believe me I literally forget this part when I started until I saw the note in a graph and smacked myself.
  2. It has a few chemicals that affect the way your body functions in a way that makes it easier to relax.
  3. Where coffee has a few variety types, tea comes from the one main tree type the camellia sinensis.
  4. Tea has many more health benefits including: actually hydrates you, reduces stress, contains a lot of antioxides.


Though I also noticed a few similarities outside of the whole caffeine thing; like:


  1. Tea has different categories like black, green, oolong, rooibos (my personal favourite).
  2. Interestingly enough both tea and coffee have the same history, where they both were discovered by religious people who used their stimulant effects to keep aware during their readings.
  3. Both leaves and beans are dried though coffee has to be roasted before use.











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