An Ice Surprise

Not that anyone would know this about me but my mother hates ice cream. She thinks it’s too sweet too tasteless and just doesn’t enjoy any part of it. So When I went in to make Ice cream from scratch it was with the idea that I would have a whole tub of Ice cream for myself because, hey she hates Ice cream.


Heading out I hunted down a wonderful rich ice cream to infuse with the flavours of fall (mostly David Tea Pumpkin Pie tea) and it was so wonderful that even my mother, in all her ice cream antagonism ate it. In fact she ate most of it. Since it was such a hit I decided to make more but ran into a situation where I had lost the recipe. This is where I came into contact with difference Between American and French Ice cream styles.


Did you know that the French style is a heavy, decadent delight? I didn’t. I actually thought this difference was pretty cool and called upon goggle to tell me more about this wonder. While I looked into it I found out that there are various ice based treats around and wanted to compile a bit of information on it.


Custard Based Ice Cream

  • French Ice cream – Made with eggs, heavy cream and sugar pasteurised and frozen for a silky, creamy texture.
  • Semifreddo – A light creamy/meringue like dessert that’s whipped up like ice cream but has a mousse like texture


Cream based Ice cream

  • Sherbets – A blended fruit based snack mixed with milk
  • Philadelphia Style Ice cream – What people usually think of when they think of ice cream in America


Shaved Ice Treats

  • Granitas – An Italian Iced dessert with two, three ingredients often frozen in a pan and scrapped to keep a slushy texture
  • Sorbets – A frozen fruit sorbet made with fruit puree and/or wine.


So if you’re craving an icy treat that’s not ice cream this winter –or any time really- you have a few options.




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